World Autism Awareness Day 2020 Theme

This Year 2020 World Autism Awareness Day 2020 theme is the welfare of autistic people amidst the COVID-19 Crisis and Solutions, World Autism Awareness Day 2020 (WAAD) is observed every year on 2nd April in order to raise public awareness of autism. First WAAD was celebrated in 2008. WAAD highlights the need to help and improve the quality of life of those with autism so that they can lead full and meaningful lives as an integral part of society.


  1. Share information online

    Even nowadays when almost everyone has access to information, there are still many people that don’t know about autism and the characteristics of people with it. Become an advocate for the autistic community by educating the masses.

  2. Get involved with autism associations

    There are many people who either have autism or have a family member with autism and are a part of community-wide, nation-wide, or global-wide association. Get in contact with them to get involved in any activities planned for the day.

  3. Take care of the people with autism spectrum diagnosis you know

    World Autism Awareness Day is the perfect day to have a good time with your friends who are diagnosed with autism! Make sure to plan sensory-sensitive activities for you both to enjoy and pack gluten-free and casein-free foods to share.


    world autism awareness day 2020

    1. The prevalence

      In 2018 approximately 1 in 59 children were diagnosed being on the autism spectrum — boys are more likely to be diagnosed with autism than girls.

    2. An early diagnosis can be really helpful

      Autism can be diagnosed as early as age 2. Early intervention affords the best opportunity to support wellness.

    3. Autism spectrum carries associated conditions

      Children with autism disorders are most likely to suffer from gastrointestinal disorders than other children, also more than half of children with autism have chronic sleep disorders.

    4. An expensive disorder

      It’s estimated that the cost of caring for the services required (including the diet) for autism can be $196 billion per year on adults and $66 billion per year for children.

    5. It’s awesome to be different!

      People with autism spectrum disorders can help to make a change in the world! All they need to be successful is treatment and support from their environment. Just take people like Tim Burton, Charles Darwin, Bill Gates, and Albert Einstein as an example.

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